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ACTIVE BUSINESS: A pandemic proved to be the perfect time for personal trainer Carlos Garcia to roll out Versa Gym, which gives clients a professional workout at home.

Fitness motivation for exercisers is an anticipated lifestyle routine. It’s drudgery for others, a component of well-being avoided whenever possible.

Fortunately for us, Southwest Florida is a hub of year-round fitness opportunities, solo pursuits to group activities. One option for those who need a boost of inspiration or are seeking more convenience is mobile fitness, which can be done at a local park, or as close as an individual’s driveway, garage or backyard.

Versa Gym (versagymswfl.com), headquartered in Naples, has followed the trend in other regions of the country. Launched last fall by personal trainer Carlos Garcia with investor Blake Cathey, managing partner of Accanito Capital Group in Naples, it offers a mobile, surprisingly basic 5-by-8-foot black trailer that upon arrival at a designated location becomes a condensed, comprehensive, multi-station fitness center.

It’s a workout for individuals or a group as large as 12. Routines are 30 minutes or one hour and are conducted by Garcia and his staff of fitness coaches.

“Now you can avoid crowded and unsanitary gyms while still getting in the best shape of your life,” the club on wheels says on its website. “We travel to client homes, local parks, client businesses and shopping plazas. No matter what your schedule looks like, we will make sure to accommodate you.”

Versa Gym workouts are catered to individuals’ goals, whether maintaining or improving a current fitness level, seeking weight loss or dealing with injury or surgery rehabilitation. The mobile fitness facility is available through Collier and Lee counties.

“We provide all the necessary programming, equipment, along with training by only the best of fitness professionals,” Versa Gym promises. “We will make sure you achieve your health and fitness goals.”

Check Total Health (check-yourself.com), headquartered in Cape Coral, also brings mobile work to clients in Fort Myers, Estero and Bonita Springs. Husband-and-wife owners Justin and Stephanie Check are certified trainers with respective expertise in nutrition and spinning instruction.

FITNESS COACH: Personal trainer Carlos Garcia motivates clients using his new mobile Versa Gym, which brings the workout to homes, parks and businesses in Collier and Lee counties.

“We will educate you on effective exercise techniques and proper nutrition,” reads the company website. “We will provide the motivation necessary for you to reach your fitness goals and help you permanently attain a higher quality of life.”

Check Total Health begins client relationships with a consultation that covers health and exercise history, then a fitness assessment is recorded and a goal is established. Training options and packages are available for home or other indoor or outdoor destinations and groups or individuals. Corporate fitness and wellness programs are customized to organizations’ needs.

The company’s experience is wide-ranging, amateur athletes seeking increased fitness to exercise newcomers and individuals seeking weight management. The company even works with youth in addition to adults; youth workouts are geared toward getting children interested in an active lifestyle, as well as providing specifics for individualized sports and nutrition expertise.

Regardless of the age of clients, the company touts its working motto: “If you’re ready to give your best effort, we promise to give you ours. It’s time to Check-Yourself.”

Photo Credit: Kevin Bires

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