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Calm Close at Hand

You don’t have to travel far to find peace and quiet; just carve out a small space in your home that will feel like a getaway. Travel to your own Zen Zone. Think of it as a spot where you go solely to de-stress. No screens. No work. You should feel like you’re entering your own little oasis.

A Zen Zone doesn’t have to be complicated. If you can set aside a room, great—if not, just a corner of a bedroom or study works.


First step:

De-clutter. In fact, start from scratch. Your Zen Zone starts as a blank canvas. Begin with the walls, using blues, greens or other low-key colors to help promote a relaxing mood. Hang artwork or photos that remind you of a joyous time. Natural light is ideal, so find a space with windows and hang some sheer curtains. Otherwise, install dimmer switches so you can bring the light down in the evening. Perhaps consider a Himalayan salt lamp that emits a soothing pink hue.


Next step:

Think through every piece you put in there. What does this add? A Zen Zone doesn’t need a bunch of fancy furniture. Comfort is a priority. Maybe a loveseat or oversized chair fits best. Or just for-go the furniture—add some blankets to the ground and some pillows to create a soft spot for meditation. Some other ideas: Add a small coffee table or nightstand to hold a mug of herbal tea and an aromatic candle. A short bookshelf can hold some of your favorite tomes that can clear your mind. And plants, of course; add in some low-maintenance succulents or ferns.


Last step:

Respect your Zen Zone. Don’t bring the laptop in. Leave stress at the door. Just half an hour each night in your little sanctuary can help prepare you for a great night’s rest. And a cup of tea basking in the morning’s light will invigorate you for the day.


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