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We’re in the thick of summer right now. After the last year, we all want to get out and experience the world again … but it’s so dang hot. The average high will be around 90 degrees for the next couple of months, so the idea should be nding cool ways to relax. Maybe skip hot yoga and try these refreshing ways to unwind.



Out on the water is typically cooler than on land. So why not take your yoga class out to sea? Paddleboard yoga has been gaining popularity in recent years, and Southwest Florida is the perfect place to take part. Typically, an instructor will lead your group for a short paddle out into the mangroves, where you’ll start your class. You can make it as challenging as you like—keep in mind the paddleboard is stable, but it will test your balance. On the other hand, if you fall in, who cares? You get to cool off even more. napleskayakcompany.com, matlachawellness.com



Let’s go way underwater to get away from it all. Believe it or not, Southwest Florida actually has some prime scuba locations. While much of the Gulf can basically look barren underwater, there are some artificial reef sites and a few well-known shipwrecks that make for prime viewing. Nothing will make you forget U.S. 41 traffic like swimming around snook and grouper. If you’re serious, get properly trained (PADI certification is the gold standard) so you know what you’re doing down there. h2ooshoreadventures.com, scubadventureslc.com


Ice Cold

OK, here’s one way to chill out in a hurry. Cryotherapy is the practice of basically freezing the body for a short period of time to help with health. Step inside, and for about two minutes, the freezing nitrogen blasts will chill the cryotherapy chamber to about 150 degrees below zero. Proponents say the practice can assist in everything from arthritis to skin rejuvenation by stimulating the body’s recovery system. Either way, you’ll certainly get a rush once you step out. uscryotherapy.com


Photo courtesy Orange Cryo Wellness

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