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Clean Operation

As a nurse-turned-entrepreneur, the CEO of Naples Soap Company found a nontoxic way to keep her stores, offices and warehouse equipment clean and sanitized.

“Anything we can do to add a layer of protection for our staff or our customers, we are going to go that extra mile,” says Deanna Wallin, who founded Naples Soap Company in 2009.

To give its staff and customers extra protection and confidence during the coronavirus pandemic, Naples Soap Company started using a new surface protectant this summer called BioProtect, a water-based antimicrobial manufactured by ViaClean Technologies. With a single-use effective for up to 90 days, Bio- Protect creates an invisible shield that helps inhibit microbial growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae on almost any surface. Naples Soap uses the application in all of its locations, especially focusing on door handles, cash wrap and any other high-touch items such as computers.

“It’s above and beyond what we’re doing with alcohol and sanitizing cleaning,” Wallin says, noting that her team still has a daily checklist of other meticulous measures for cleaning and sanitizing workspaces and packing equipment in addition to the BioProtect application.

Concerned about airborne particles during the pandemic, the management of the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre recently reached out to B & I Contractors in Fort Myers to recommend and install a filtration system to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, particularly COVID-19, before the long-running theater in Fort Myers reopened Oct. 1 after a four-month hiatus. B & I installed bipolar ionization filters in the airstream of the theater’s air handling unit. Tests have demonstrated that common pathogens such as COVID-19, Legionella, MRSA and E. coli can be greatly reduced when bipolar ionization units are used to safely clean the air. “Because of this addition to our air handlers, along with other increased health and safety measures, we are able to reopen with the confidence that our venue will be as safe as possible for our customers, employees and cast members,” said Will Prather, owner and executive producer of the family-run dinner theater.

Similarly, Marlene Downer, the property manager of Beachway Professional Center in Bonita Springs, contacted B & I to inquire about ultra- violet light technology for HVAC systems. But, once she learned about bipolar ionization, she determined it was the best and most cost-efficient solution she could offer her tenants. More than 50 ionizers to service air handlers on the three floors of office suites are being installed by B & I, an employee-owned company that marked its 60th anniversary in 2020.

Disinfect Group USA launched another unique and innovative business solution to tackle pandemic concerns. Its sanitizing tunnels, which resemble X-ray machines at airports, destroy germs, viruses and bacteria upon contact as individuals enter venues such as hotels, conference centers, office buildings and shopping centers. The tunnels emit a safe, disinfecting dry fog on individuals and their belongings as they enter businesses and public destinations. A sanitizing tunnel was used in August at the Florida Festival & Events Association’s Resilient Together conference at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point in Bonita Springs.

The tunnels use electrolyzed water technology to create a nearly invisible mist that is all-natural, non-toxic and does not damage clothing or belongings. “Coupled with face masks and social distancing guidelines, sanitizing tunnels are an effective solution for businesses and venues that host large groups or events, and offer peace of mind knowing that everyone has been screened and sanitized,” says Vinny Antonio, president of Disinfect Group USA and Fort Myers-based Victory Marketing Agency.


Photo Credit: Naples Soap Company 

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