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Previous careers selling cars and houses, training dolphins and whales and commercial modeling—plus a near-lifelong fondness for scuba diving—helped make Linda Kennedy of Naples who she is today. She’s a self-titled upscale bag lady.

Kennedy is the president and CEO of Loksak Inc. It manufactures waterproof, dustproof and humidity-proof zipped storage bags. The original, called aLokSak, is hermetically sealed and resealable. It’s made from polyethylene blended film and is 100% waterproof. It’s air-tight, flexible, puncture-resistant and certified waterproof to 200 feet. The aLokSak is available in three sizes, 5”x4”, 16”x24”and 12”x48”, and is available in many colors.

The success of the original prompted other lightweight storage solutions: the odor-proof Opsak, Shieldsak, Subsak and the biohazard transportable Crbnsak. The latter can withstand direct heat to 170 degrees. Mobile devices, medical devices, food storage, emergency water. It’s all made easy and efficient. Prices start at $8.99 for an aLokSak two-pack. 

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