Cool Apps: Gusto and Pocket

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Accounting is a necessity to any business, and Gusto is designed to help lighten the number load. The mobile app can calculate and file payroll taxes; automate insurance benefits; store employee accounts, tax forms, digital signatures and more; and send digital pay stubs to workers. Ideal for small companies, the app frees up an employer’s time to focus on other parts of his or her business. Starting at $69 per month.

Ever come across an
article or video while you’re scrolling through social media, but you don’t have time to read or watch it right then? Pocket lets you set aside web content until you have time to spend with it. Use the app to store information from news sites or magazines and access it later, even if you don’t have Internet access. No more searching for that feature on entrepreneurship that caught your eye while you were in line at the coffee shop. Free. 


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