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Content marketing—or producing relevant content to attract a target audience—has proven to be helpful to businesses in the digital age. Many businesses have started blogs to share product knowledge, but over time it can be difficult not to seem repetitive.

Fortunately, there are other ways to engage current and future clients. Susan Su of 500 Startups recently listed 19 content marketing ideas that stretch beyond blog posts. Below are five suggestions to consider. 

1. Host a conference

As the single-organizer of a conference, you can be a vendor to the audience. It can also be a great opportunity to record content from the event that can be shared on a number of different social platforms afterward.

2. Create a podcast

Multimedia content can have a more profound effect on audience members than text alone, and podcasts are easily accessible. Be sure to have a specific goal in mind before production, whether it’s to generate leads or improve engagement.

3. Author a column

Writing a column in a relevant news outlet allows you to present unique thoughts and can lead to an increased fan-base. 

4. Create a webinar

Webinars are a great way to showcase items and develop audience trust. You can use this platform for product demos, how-tos, Q&As, promotions and more. 

5. Offer downloadable PDFs

​Downloadable PDFs are helpful to present data and brand design, and have a higher perceived value than blog posts.

For the full list of ideas, click here

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