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Milan Villas Estero

Milan Villas, a D.R. Horton subdivision comprising 44 single-family attached units, requested a rezoning to residential from commercial with four deviations.   

The 10-acre property at the northwest corner of Williams Road and Three Oaks Parkway in Estero was zoned for 100,000 square feet of commercial use in 2003, resulting in it never being developed and remaining vacant for 19 years.  

Despite the lots being on the smaller end, Estero Village staff believes residential use is more compatible with the land’s surrounding area. Out of the 10-acre site, 4.26 acres will be open space, also featuring a passive park, a secondary emergency access and sidewalks on both sides of the streets.  

The first deviation was on the requirements to apply two access points on any residential area greater than 5 acres, which is now being satisfied by providing the emergency access point to alleviate the concern about access. “With the configuration of the property, it’s not feasible to provide one just west of the intersection of Williams and Three Oaks, nor is it feasible to space the full access points along this property with a turn lane on Three Oaks, so this was a good alternative,” said Dan DeLisi, land use planner of the project.  

The second deviation required a 60-foot right of way, while the applicant requested a 50-foot right of way, considering the public utility easements are outside of the right of way and narrower streets are more conducive to quieter streets in residential areas.  

The third and fourth deviation required a minimum of a 130-foot diameter for cul-de-sacs, while the developer requested a 120-foot diameter, as no homes or utilities wrap around the cul-de-sac and the auto-turn analysis demonstrates a sufficient turning radius. 

Village staff and D.R. Horton addressed three conditions prior to the hearing, including obtaining a limited development order from Lee County, perimeter fencing and a requirement for an environmental permit to be in place prior to a development order approval.

Milan Villas is anticipated to have a coordinated, cohesive color scheme, with each unit consisting of three bedrooms, two baths and two-car garages with a firewall separating the units. There also will be a decorative fence on the east and south sides of the property, with a black chain link fence on the west and north sides.  

As far as pricing of the units, Wayne Everett, entitlement manager at D.R. Horton, said the prices will not be set until the project is close to completion.  

“With today’s market changing, we would be losing money, we could be too high in the market,” he said. “Until we’re pretty much at what we call Stage 5, which is drywall and rough mechanicals, we will not set prices. At that point, we’ll know more about what the supply chain is doing and what the market rates are.” 

Everett said the target demographic for these homes, expected to have a homeowner’s association, is mostly those who are retired and possibly looking for a second home.  

The Village planning board recommended approval of the rezoning to the Estero Village council, subject to the conditions put in place, with two nay votes by board members Anthony Gargano and Jim Wallace. 

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