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Downtown Estero

Estero hosted a public information meeting for the third phase of Downtown Estero Townhomes, a new development for 10 multifamily townhouse units within the Downtown Estero Project.

The 10 units will be divided into two, five-unit buildings which will each be two stories. Access and infrastructure are provided by the internal spine road proposed in the current infrastructure development order.

The site is located on 34 vacant acres east of U.S. 41, north of Broadway East and west of the railroad tracks.

Indianapolis-based Buckingham Development has the property under contract to purchase and develop the site. The project has permits and a development order in the works, hoping to wrap up permitting by spring and begin construction this summer.

The ten remaining units are intended to be consistent with the other apartment buildings in the Downtown Estero project, including look and style. However, Estero’s planning, zoning and design board said the architecture is where the project is missing the mark.

“I don’t think this architecture stands up against the rest of the community,” board member Jim Wallace said. “In terms of the architectural detail, this reminds me of things that I built in 90s.”

Other board members like Barry Jones echoed Wallace’s sentiment. “The architecture doesn’t match the rest of the development,” Jones said. “It’s the flat roof, the boxiness, the lack of colors, the lack of window treatments.”

Since the remaining units front the main road of the community, the architecture is expected to be consistent with the other residential buildings, which are Mediterranean Revival.

The current design consists of a beige and brown color palette with a terra cotta colored roof. The board requested the applicant revise the architecture when returning.

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