Driving Me Crazy

Etiquette expert Suzanne Willis shares tips for friendly driving.

Driving in Southwest Florida certainly has its challenges but that doesn’t mean you can leave your manners at home. One key to survival is good driving etiquette.

I would say that everyone probably knows the “rules of the road” but why do people get so angry or in such a hurry when they get behind the wheel?

When you’re driving, good manners equals safety! You should also remember the Golden Rule. (Would you want someone honking at you after the light has only been green for 1 second? Would you want another driver to shout profanity at you from the passing lane?)

Safety always comes first and along with that, being courteous. Here are a few important safety reminders:

1.Use your signal. 
Using your turn signals before turning a corner or switching lanes is a must.

2.Obey traffic rules. (For example, don’t cross lanes with a sold line or in an intersection.)

3.Pay attention. Don’t put on makeup, eat, or text, or otherwise use your phone while driving.

4.Drive at the speed limit. Driving too slowly can also cause accidents. Too fast can be dangerous.

5.Do not block the passing lane for more than a reasonable amount of time.

Some drivers may be too aggressive while others too passive. Try to be in the middle lane. (Get it?)

Recently, after the death of a loved one, I had a difficult time focusing while driving. I felt I was in a fog and was so thankful that other drivers were kind and considerate. Remember, you have no idea what other drivers are going through. Go the extra mile to be kind and follow the rules of the road. Good manners are important, especially behind the wheel.

Suzanne Willis is the founder of Willis Consulting & Communications in Naples, which specializes in contemporary business, social and children’s etiquette.