Field of Dreams

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Want to enter a new field with no experience? No problem, according to MediaBistro.

The job listings site provides ways to navigate through the drastic change.

Research first

Just because you don’t have certain credentials, does not mean you can’t educate yourself on important topics associated with a particular field. Be willing to learn what you can, as much as you can, about skill requirements, types of jobs in the industry of interest and more. PathSource is a tool made specifically for those who want to explore new careers.

Leverage skills you do have

Think about what skills you already have and sell the ones that may apply to your newly desired career path. Even if these abilities were used in a different capacity from what the employer is seeking, show them how you can still use them to your advantage.

Adopt new skills

If you want to change your career, you need to be able to challenge yourself with new proficiencies. One suggestion is to take on a volunteer or temporary position that can teach you the type of skills you want to learn for a permanent gig.

Connect with prospects

Getting someone to sit down with you for an interview may be the most difficult part of a career switch, and it can be even more trying if no one has heard of you. Make some connections by attending events geared toward the industry of interest and follow up with new friends on LinkedIn and social media.

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