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Although he’s facing stock fraud charges and no longer owns Fishermen’s Village, which has been placed in a receivership, discussions surrounding former owner Jonathan Larmore continue. 

The sale of Fishermen’s Village was brought up after council member Debi Lux questioned City Attorney David Levin at a March 20 meeting about communicating with outside parties. Levin said he recently spoke with the receiver’s attorney who wanted to know what the procedure would be in dealing with the city going forward, as Fishermen’s Village is within city limits. 

That’s when the sale of the popular waterfront shopping center came up. 

“If I’m not mistaken the asking price is at least $30 million or more to pay off the outstanding debt,” said Levin. 

Levin said he’s been monitoring the court case “with respect to the receivership of Fishermen’s Village assets and the requirement for the receiver to seek a sale of the property to be able to pay off the outstanding mortgage that is delinquent.” 

He said the court is allowing the receiver to retain legal counsel and a real estate agent to facilitate the sale. 

The attorney retained to assist in the process contacted Levin “for an explanation of the procedure that would be required to amend the existing acquisition agreement that has certain procedure.” 

Levin said he advised that Council has the authority to consider and modify any agreement presented or agreed to by the city. He said the receiver would make a request to the city to have the matter placed on the agenda. 

Larmore’s name was brought up during the public portion of the meeting when resident Jeannine Polk, who lives in the downtown district, told Council how a lot used for overflow parking for Fishermen’s Village has become a nuisance property. 

“The empty lot next door at 1000 W. Marion Ave. is currently a residentially zoned lot—NR15. Jonathan Larmore was granted a special-use permit by the city for a period of 18 months for overflow parking from Fishermen’s Village,” she said. 

Larmore had plans to build a hotel and tall condominium buildings on Fishermen’s Village property. 

“When he failed to complete the work, he was granted another extension for 18 months to use the lot next door for overflow parking,” Polk said. 

Polk described the scenario she sees every day: “During this time I have seen construction trailers, boat trailers, campers, RVs, large trucks and whatever else wants to park on those lots. Some of those vehicles remain there for several weeks at a time.” 

She said the lot has since been foreclosed on by the original owner, and that the temporary-use permit expired in February.  

“Enough is enough. You’re interfering with the health, safety and welfare of surrounding residential neighbors,” Polk said. 

Council members, the city manager and staff do not hold conversations with the public during the public portion of meetings, but at the close of the meeting, City Manager Greg Murray said.

 “We’ll certainly look at that and see when the expiration was and what was happening, but just to clarify, we didn’t give Mr. Larmore anything. OK, we gave a company that asked a question, we did not give Jonathan Larmore specific personal approval to use that lot for anything,” Murray said.  

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