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Amie Yavor spent more than two decades near Hollywood, California, as a talent agent working with the likes of actors George Clooney, Nicole Kidman and Robert Redford. 

Wanting to be closer to her family in Florida, Yavor reinvented herself and opened a new gift shop. Crooked Halos opened in downtown Fort Myers at 1414 Dean St. 

“I was hoping to be here in Southwest Florida,” Yavor said. “I had realized the growth of this area. 

“Crooked Halos is first and foremost a gift shop. We’ve got things in the $10 range up to hundreds of dollars. There’s something here for everyone.” 

Located across the brick-paved street from where artist Leoma Lovegrove is planning her new art gallery, Crooked Halos has baby gifts, home decor, housewarming items, including soaps and five candle lines, clothing, jewelry, gift cards and an assortment of other items that remind Yavor of her previous home in Manhattan Beach, California. Gift wrapping is included for free. 

“This is very Orange County influenced,” she said. 

There are also themes of spirituality, whether it be an assortment of tarot cards for sale or a prayer wall, on which patrons can write prayers on tags and then attach them to the wall. They will remain on the wall for a full year and then new prayers can be added, Yavor said. 


Yavor used to work for Creative Artists Agency in Century City, California, along the Avenue of the Stars. Now, she’s on Dean Street, and she said she likes the vibe. 

While at CAA, Yavor booked A-list talent to deliver speeches, host events and make appearances across the country and around the world. She said Tom Hanks, Sydney Poitier and Sir Ben Kingsley were some of her other clients. 

Yavor, an Indiana University graduate, said she was fine leaving that behind. Her mother, Diane Yavor, is helping her launch the store, which they almost named “Golden Hour.” 

“I originally wanted to name the store the Golden Hour, because that’s my favorite time of day,” Yavor said of the time either just after sunrise or just before sunset. “And that’s the vibe I wanted to create. For people who walk in looking for a gift or something for themselves. 

“I called it Crooked Halos because if your halo isn’t crooked, we probably wouldn’t be friends. Or so I thought. It’s just a little wink to the people who understand it, and I just think it’s cute.” 

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