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Need an aluminum railing for your house? John Price can do that. Need a gate with custom arrows? He can do that, too. After all, the motto of his business, Priceless Customz Fabrication, is “You Dream It, We Build It.”

“I got known for doing crazy things,” says the 28-year-old with a laugh. “Probably because I was young and dumb and didn’t know better.”

His work is found on high-end homes throughout Southwest Florida. It can be everything from railings to shutters to gates to trellises and more. He enjoys the creative work—like that arrow-laden gate with pickets that look like medieval weaponry. 

The Fort Myers native is largely self-taught. He comes from a mix of experiences; he got some hands-on carpentry work growing up in upstate South Carolina and went to college at an automotive trade school in Nashville, even working for Corvette for some time. He moved back home to Southwest Florida at age 21. About four years ago, he bought property to use as a studio. It’s tucked into a more rural part of Collier County, which is how he likes it. He’s built his business like it’s a well-kept secret. 

“I didn’t want to advertise,” he says. “It’s built mostly through word of mouth. Like my wife told me, ‘Let your work speak for itself.’”

As of now, it’s a family-run operation, as his brother, father and wife help. It’s demanding work, requiring precision, patience and some long hours under the sun installing. But it’s worth it. 

“It’s rewarding as hell,” Price says. “Most people don’t understand the work that goes into building something like a spiral staircase. And you kill yourself doing it. But then you finish it and it’s so rewarding to see what you created.” 

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