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Heidi Rambo Centrella

It’s not surprising that it’s hot outside—what else would you expect from the Sunshine State as the end of summer approaches? But even while high temperatures linger, many Floridians are looking into the sky and seeing a path to lower electricity bills. Conversion of homes and businesses to solar energy is a growth industry throughout the area, and while the initial expense of installation can be daunting, federal tax credits can help offset that cost. Of course, those credits were slated to expire at the end of next year … but new clean energy initiatives within the Inflation Reduction Act are set to be in place through 2032. 

Still, in the rush to make hay while the sun shines, so to speak, it’s important not to act rashly. David Dorsey talks with local experts about the process of going solar this month, including a roundup of price estimates from area installers, and shines some light on the do’s and don’ts involved; take a look on page 48.

And while those investing in this conversion are eagerly awaiting the sunny days to come, the subjects of our cover story are working toward even brighter futures. We are proud to present, beginning on page 62, the 2022 Gulfshore Business 40 Under 40. The honorees represent dozens of industries from law to dentistry, real estate to public education, speech therapy to photography, all working to elevate and energize their chosen fields through enthusiasm, dedication and drive. And while their efforts at those vocations are undeniably impressive, inclusion in this list requires more than professional excellence and comparative youth; each honoree has also dedicated extra energy, time and talent to making his or her community a little better by means of philanthropic work and volunteer support for nonprofit organizations. 

Take a few moments to look over their accomplishments, goals and motivations—and then keep an eye on WINK-TV during the week of Sept. 5 for a one-hour special event, as Lindsey Sablan talks with the 40 Under 40 honorees about lessons they’ve learned so far, what they’ve found most rewarding in their careers and how they hope to help shape the future of Southwest Florida. We hope you’ll be inspired; we think you’ll be impressed. We certainly were. 

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