How Brands Can Contribute to Current Issues

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It’s difficult not to have strong opinions in this political climate. But when is it right for a brand to chime in and how should it go about doing so? Here are some tips from Entrepreneur.

Make the opinion purposeful

If a brand states its side on a topic just to do it, it can backfire greatly. The brand should base input on how it can help the issue. For instance, when it comes to women’s rights, the brand can demonstrate how it’s honored gender diversity throughout the years and ask the public how it can be more supportive.

Be aware of trending topics

It’s important to track movements on social media so brands can select the right, or most powerful, ones to contribute to. Hashtags provide easy insight on conversations occurring throughout the world.

Listen before sharing

The brand’s message needs to be sensitive, transparent and authentic. In this day and age, many eyes are watching, and it’s all too easy to spot phoniness.

Use the past as a guide

Before a brand shares its opinion, it should look to other companies that have spoken out in similar ways. Were they successful in their approaches? What should they have done differently? These questions can help develop a smarter message.

Be conversational

If the message is too promotional of a product or the business itself, it’s not going to resonate deeply. The brand should strive to add to the conversation and reveal its personality a bit, especially if it aims to do the right thing.

It's necessary for brands to remember that not every customer or member of the public is going to agree, but if it believes in its response and treads carefully, the opinion can lead to greater respect or, at least, add unique perspective to significant dialogue.    


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