Improve Communication With These 4 Tips

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Human connections are what drive a successful workplace, but with the advent of texting, social media, and other short forms on contact, it can become difficult to forge meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients. This can be especially true for millennials, who grew up on digital communication. But there are ways to improve this important soft skill. Below are four tips, suggested by Inc.

Prioritize personal connections

Shortened sentences sent via email can seem abrupt and impersonal. Instead, meet with the person you need to speak with if time permits, or call to make a better impression.  

Listen actively

Be fully present when another person is speaking to you. Pause between conversation and think before you answer. Observe the other person’s body language and responses and most importantly, let the other person finish their complete thought before jumping in with a new one.

Be self-aware

Before faulting others, take a moment to ask yourself what you may have done to make a conversation go south. Ask for feedback if necessary in order to improve how you present yourself to others.

Be accountable

Back up the things you say with what you do. If you want a raise, prove you are deserving of it with positive action. Properly voice that evidence when the time comes.

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