Listen Well

Cool headphones with a charitable cause.

The Troubadour, like other products offered by the Los Angeles-based LSTN Sound Co., is made from various types of wood. It’s offered to “change lives through the power of music”—and that’s not just hyperbolic ad copy.

Sales proceeds benefit LSTN’s charity partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation. After they witnessed someone hear for the first time, co-founders Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff began the company to provide hearing aids to people worldwide—in fact, team LSTN recently traveled to Peru to help more than 1,000 people receive hearing aids.

The wireless over-ear Troubadour headphones have upscale and stylish zebra wood housings. The specs include Bluetooth 4.1, 40mm drivers, 8-plus-hour battery life, a backup cable for wired use, built-in mic/controls, vegan leather ear pads, 32-ohm impedance and a 30-foot operating range. Earbuds, speakers and children’s earphones are also among the company’s other products.

Photo courtesy LSTN Sound Co.