Mental Health in the Workplace

How to determine when you need a mental health day and why employers should care.

In many workplaces across the country, mental health does not get the same respect as physical health. You can easily take a sick day for having the flu, but when you feel depressed, anxious, or overworked? Well, it may not be as simple to get time off for that, Forbes states.

All employers should recognize that an employee’s mental health is crucial to his or her work performance, and that he or she should be able to recharge when needed. And employees should listen to their minds and bodies to determine when they should take that time.

Here’s how to determine when you should take a mental health day, from Forbes.

When an outside distraction is looming: For example, if personal bills are becoming difficult to handle, it’s wise to take a day off and address them to reduce stress.

When you feel separated from yourself, you may need to call for some alone time to exercise, eat well and catch up on some sleep in order to feel whole again.

When you need to attend medical appointments for your mental health, such as seeing a therapist to talk through what’s happening in your life or doctor to get your various prescriptions filled. These appointments are necessary to keep you feeling at your best and are never things to overlook due to work or time constraints.

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