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MoAloo Ventures founder Priya Ahluwalia, whose capital venture firm began the startup challenge TechXpedition at Babcock Ranch, has decided to bring local entrepreneurs under one umbrella. 

She said after TechXpedition, a “Shark Tank”-like challenge, which concludes the weekend of April 26-28, 2024, her mission will be just beginning. 

Ahluwalia said she has taken a step to synergize the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and recently unveiled Babcock Entrepreneurs, a platform that will bring together entrepreneurs and business owners at Babcock Ranch. Current business owners can mentor budding entrepreneurs, while sharing business tips with their peers to help improve each other’s businesses, she said. 

Her goal is to spotlight Babcock Ranch as a hotbed of innovation. 

To date, Babcock Entrepreneurs comprises some 20 Babcock Ranch-based businesses, which she said, “stands as a beacon for anyone keen on keeping a pulse on the dynamic entrepreneurial activities in Babcock Ranch.” 

Part of the initiative is the Visionary Meetup, hosted by MoAloo Ventures every second Wednesday of the month. An eight-part series with varying themes, the second in the series will be held Oct. 11 at Slater’s Goods and Provisions in the community. 

When the first group met, they exchanged ideas, refined their pitches and learned how to propel their businesses forward, Ahluwalia said. 

“[The meetups are] about time, not money. The commitment we seek is passion and dedication,” she said. There is no cost to participate. 

Perhaps the crescendo of MoAloo Ventures’ efforts is the soon-to-be launched Entrepreneur’s Incubator, which is tailored to provide startups and business owners with comprehensive support, from mentorship and training to funding and resources.  

An angel investment fund is being established next year, and its first investor will be MoAloo Ventures, Ahluwalia said. In addition to funding, mentorship, training and resources will be made available to those participating. 

Ahluwalia invites other investors to participate and help to launch new businesses and innovations. “MoAloo Ventures is not just investing in businesses but in dreams,” she said. 

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