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Todd Wilkowski decided to take his professional life and his favorite vacation destination and merge the two of them.

Performance Optimal Health, founded nearly 20 years ago by Wilkowski in Manhattan, New York, has grown to six locations, with the others clustered in Connecticut. Now, he has a seventh location at 2260 Logan Blvd. N., Ste. 202 in North Naples. It’s at the Logan Landing shopping center, next door to First Watch.

The 1,500-square-foot facility opened with a soft launch Tuesday and will celebrate its grand opening Oct. 13.

“A lot of our clients in all of those locations come down and spend their winters in Southwest Florida,” Wilkowski said of why he decided to migrate his business south as well. “For the last couple of years, we’ve been exploring the expansion into Florida. Opportunity-wise, our brand and service likely will do very well down here.”

Performance Optimal Health offers one-on-one instruction and concentrates on physical therapy. It helps people come back from sports-related injuries. But over the years, Wilkowski has added to his company’s offerings with yoga, pilates and other exercises designed to prevent injuries, as well as treat them.

“Think of yourself as a professional athlete,” Wilkowski said. “There’s a team of individuals built around every professional athlete. Take a LeBron James, Tigers Woods, Serena Williams. They have physical therapists. They have nutritionists. They have recovery specialists. They have massage therapists. They have chiropractors.”

“Our business model is a holistic approach to one’s health. And Naples is a great place to start. We’ve brought a team of experts together under one roof. It’s not just the recovery aspect. It’s the preventative aspect. To help people optimize their well-being.”

Virtual technology has broadened business capabilities, he said. It allows the clients in Naples access to the same experts in nutrition and sports psychology as the ones at the New York and Connecticut locations in virtual chat rooms.

As a former quarterback at Ithaca College in New York, Wilkowski has firsthand experience coming back from injuries. He’s hoping to help others in Naples and, years from now, the rest of Southwest Florida, come back from them as well. He hopes to expand to Bonita Springs, Estero and other Naples locations in the future.

Performance Optimal Health accepts out-of-network insurance plans for physical therapy and charges $110 to $130 an hour for wellness services, depending on the scope of the treatment.

“We’re excited to be in Naples,” Wilkowski said. “It’s an environment where people live active lifestyles. And they value health. That kind of fits with our core values and our mission statement.”

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