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One for the Show


Monoculars are stealth-designed binoculars. Less unwieldy and often featuring video and image-taking components, monoculars such as Opticron Waterproof selections are ideal for nature enthusiasts who like to travel light. Binoculars provide wide-angle viewing; monoculars are best for precision viewing. Opticron’s WP Mono 8×32 LE is compact but sturdy, with a fully armored 8×32 eld and a twist-type retractable eyecup.

Monoculars can also be attached to smartphones for high-quality video and image capturing. The results are impressive—and accomplished without cumbersome equipment.

Weighing less than 10 ounces, the Opticron WP Mono features waterproof construction filled with nitrogen gas.

A soft case (with strap) and integrated rubber lens cover are included, as is a lifetime warranty.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Opticron

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