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Randy and Kelly Seyler, looking to leave behind their original Pelican Larry’s restaurant and also expand upon their Off the Bone BBQ concept in Naples, found one spot where they could do both in Lee County.

The new Pelican Larry’s at University Village off Ben Hill Griffin Parkway, just south of Florida Gulf Coast University and north of Estero at 19800 Village Center Drive, opened for full-service dinner and will open for lunch at 11 a.m. Thursday.

Off the Bone BBQ will be under the same roof. It will be slow-cooked and then fast-served from behind a counter, making the space a true duplex for dining.Pelican Larry's at University Village Most menu items fall between $12 and $20 in price.

“It’s kind of a bittersweet week for us, because we’re closing our original Pelican Larry’s location in Naples,” Kelly Seyler said. “It’s been there for 25 years. And this is actually our last call at Pine Ridge Larry’s. We’re going to be closing our doors on Saturday.”

That location at 1046 Pine Ridge Road will become a new restaurant called Oasis. Randy Seyler said he wanted to focus on the new location.

“I love the proximity to the college,” he said of FGCU. “The landlord is great. The exposure on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway is unbelievable.”

Pelican Larry’s menu features seafood, including fresh-shucked oysters, and the typical bar fare of burgers and chicken wings. There are 28 beers on tap, and the restaurant can seat up to 350 patrons. Pelican Larry's at University Village

As for why Randy Seyler named his restaurant after “Larry” instead of “Randy,” Kelly Seyler explained how the name “Larry” used to be an inside code word.

“If there would be a really drunk obnoxious person, they would call him a ‘Larry,’” she said. “They’d be like, ‘Oh, we’ve got a ‘Larry’ over there.

“But now, it’s proud to be a Larry. Because now, Larry means something totally different.”

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