Podcast: Mastermind, Episode 35

Seven strategies to get the most out of your conference.

This episode of Mastermind was recorded live in Orlando as Heather Christie attends Influence 2017, the National Speakers Association’s annual conference. Here, Christie shares her top seven strategies to making the most of any conference.

Whether it’s an industry event or something you’re required to attended on behalf of your employer, Christie tells how you can make sure you bring back more than just travel miles back home with you. Christie even includes her secret note-taking tip: Write what the speaker makes you think, not just what the speaker said.

Lastly, we all know conferences are also about networking and catching up with old friends, so Christie shares how to optimize your time with that as well. Listen to her tips on iTunes or Spreaker.

Mastermind is a podcast series hosted by Heather Christie in partnership with Gulfshore Business magazine. Christie, an executive and leadership coach and president of Evolve Global, conducts exclusive interviews with executives, as well as offers her insights and success strategies. Featured guests include Southwest Florida Community Foundation CEO Sarah Owen and United Way President Cliff Smith.