Podcast: Mastermind, Episode 37

Heather Christie talks about confidence in the second installment of the Qualities of Leadership series.

This episode is the second in a series on the Qualities of Leadership. Heather Christie focuses on confidence and recounts how an early show of it led to unexpected success in Christie’s legal career, and how she was humbled even in that victory.

Listeners can expect to learn how to best build confidence within a team, about the importance of decisiveness in leaders, and what to do when not feeling confident in one’s own abilities. Tune in here or on iTunes

Mastermind is a podcast series hosted by Heather Christie in partnership with Gulfshore Business magazine. Christie, an executive and leadership coach and president of Evolve Global, conducts exclusive interviews with executives, as well as offers her insights and success strategies. Featured guests include Southwest Florida Community Foundation CEO Sarah Owen and United Way President Cliff Smith.