Podcast: Mastermind, Episode 43

Lessons in the storm: On the road home after Hurricane Irma

Heather Christie returns from a “hurricane hiatus” to record this live-on-the-road podcast, sharing her takeaways from the evacuation. The storm and evacuation remind us that our planning and attention to detail, which is so important in business, can also be literal life and death.

If you’re in the areas affected by Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma, let us know what you’ve learned in the aftermath and how you’re getting things back together as the storms pass. Tune into the latest episode of Mastermind here or on iTunes.

Mastermind is a podcast series hosted by Heather Christie in partnership with Gulfshore Business magazine. Christie, an executive and leadership coach and president of Evolve Global, conducts exclusive interviews with executives, as well as offers her insights and success strategies. Featured guests include Southwest Florida Community Foundation CEO Sarah Owen and United Way President Cliff Smith.