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You’ve embraced social media and are making it a habit to post, tweet and chat. So now what? These new tricks and tools can help you create relevant posts, photos and videos to share with existing and potential customers, who will share it with their social networks.


Video is a key step that businesses should take in 2015, says Heidi Inman of H.I. Technology in Naples, who has worked in TV/film production and serves as a social media consultant to businesses such as Bo’s Fitness Camps. No fancy equipment required: Videos can be shot on smartphones and posted directly to social media sites. For editing, apps include Magisto.

Possible video topics include:

• Introduce yourself and your product.

• Give a tour of your store.

• Show your abilities.

• Do a frequently asked questions session or Q&A about your company.

• Present how-to guides or step-by-step videos that show your expertise.

You can then post the video, use it for presentations, strip out the audio for another purpose, and transcribe it to create a blog post or to add quotes on photos that are shared on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other sites.


Create a calendar for the next 30 days (or longer) that maps out topics and themes for posts, photos and videos published on social media. Tie blog posts and photos to seasons, holidays and annual events to capture attention from people in the moment.

Systems such as HootSuite can allow you to schedule posts, to better manage your time. You always can add in a timely post related to news or trends. HootSuite experts recommend taking a step such as changing your Twitter profile photo—the strip at the top of your account and a possible first impression—with an image that fits with the season or a certain holiday.


Consider the following ideas to let consumers get to know and connect with you:

• Ask customers to like you on Facebook to receive a discount or free item.

• Ask customers to join your VIP or rewards club through their mobile phone, which allows you to capture their contact info.

• Add or claim your business on Google (by creating a Google+ page) and verify your business, which also will allow you to post photos/video and will bring up your company in searches.

• Create a company hashtag and use it when you post on social media. Ask customers to use it in their shares, photos and posts.


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