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Stacey Seward Vandiver noticed a trend of health-conscious people paying for multiple memberships to diversify their workout routines. So began her quest to make SoulBody Studios a reality. 

SoulBody Studios recently opened at Gulf Coast Town Center in Lee County as the first of its kind. Vandiver, who lives in Baltimore, hopes to expand the business to include other Southwest Florida locations and open some beyond, as well. 

“We put everything together under one roof, in a very intimate setting,” Vandiver said. “Allowing our members to really diversify their wellness routine. 

“We do believe our mission is to work the body smarter, not harder. And then you also have the ability to come here and recover the body.” 

At SoulBody, members could do a yoga class one day. The next, they could do Pilates, barre or LIIT, which stands for low impact interval training. 

Memberships start at $150 per month. 

“That’s one of the beauties of our membership,” Vandiver said. “The full membership allows you to come for unlimited classes and six recovery sessions a month. 

“We’re finding that members, they want to diversify their exercise routine, coming in about three times per week. So, they could do something like a Pilates sculpt class, then a yoga class and then a stretch class. But the full membership really allows you to diversify and increase your wellness routine.” 

In addition to workout classes, SoulBody provides access to modern workout recovery methods. 

“Infrared sauna,” she said. “Salt therapy. Red light. Compression. PEMF. (Pulse Electromagnetic Field). We also have now assisted stretch sessions. And Reiki. 

“Here, we’re able to really start building a wellness ecosystem.” 

With May being mental health awareness month, Vandiver pointed to the mental health benefits of participating in exercise classes. 

“Exercise is one of the most incredible things you can dohealthy things you can do, for your brain. It boosts your mental capacity to feel good. All those happy hormones are released.” 

In consolidating multiple disciplines into one place and one membership, Vandiver said SoulBody Studios can save its customers money. 

“All those memberships can add up to $400 or $500 a month,” Vandiver said. “Here, you’re coming to one place and are able to have all those modalities met. So, your wellness routine is really diversified.” 

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