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Statement Peace is, as founder Jessica Lee likes to say, a vibe. It’s also a line of sustainable wooden jewelry and other apparel that’s grown into a lifestyle brand in stores worldwide. But at the heart it is a company that conveys a sense of tranquility, peace and positivity that the owner hopes can resonate with people. “Statement Peace is about connection,” she says.

Lee used to work in the hospitality industry, but she never found the 9-to-5 life very appealing. She had an artistic side and had gotten into found-object art. She would literally dumpster dive in Naples to come up with furniture and scraps of good-quality wood; she’d take it home, and after some sanding and sawing and manipulating, would turn it into wall art. “When I create, I’m happy,” she says.

She saw a business venture in sustainable jewelry and art pieces, but she needed to figure out a better business model. She was investing too much time in production at first, spending hours handcrafting pieces. Then, with the help of a CO2 laser, she found a way to mass-produce pieces while still giving the product itself some individuality.

She built the business through retailers. During COVID-19, she started doing trade shows, and through in-person or online connections—especially third-party marketplaces that connect independent producers to independent retailers—started to get her products in stores worldwide. She sells at local farmers markets on occasion, and is surprised by the number of people who recognize her products from stores.

Five years after starting, she’s now in 2,000 retailers and considering establishing Statement Peace brick-and-mortar stores. Part of her success she attributes to the authenticity of the brand and her jewelry; that the positive energy put into a piece will resonate with whoever ends up wearing it. “It’s about being authentic, showing up as the real you,” she says. “People want to support real.”

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