Tech to Unwind

Products for finding more zen.

Quit letting your technology stress you out, and start letting it help you relax. Put down the iPhone—or, rather, pick it up for just a moment to research these high-tech ways to chill out. In your ongoing quest to live a more stress-free life, let these gadgets guide your way.



Clear your mind. Stop thinking. Focus, focus, focus. Meditating can be harder than it looks, but Muse is here to help you toward inner peace. The headband-like device monitors brain patterns through sensors. Through the headphones, you’ll hear peaceful weather sounds if your brain is at low activity. Once you start thinking about the next day at work, you’ll hear storm sounds, warning you to relax. You can even review how well you did on the iPhone app afterward. Muse 2 is available for about $250.



One of the best ways to measure stress is through our breathing. Deep breathing is an integral part of yoga, and for good reason: It can help you relax. The Spire Stone clips onto your belt or clothing and measures your breathing rates during the day. Find out what times of day are full of those stress-related short breaths. The device also serves as a step counter—separating the rapid breathing of exercise from that of freaking out over a presentation. Spire is available for $399.



How about a quick forehead massage after—or perhaps during—work? Breo makes the line of portable iSee massagers. The iSee4 uses gentle vibrations, air pressure and heat compression to get that stress to melt away from your forehead and eyes. Also, if you want to chill out more, the iSee plays soothing nature sounds. The Breo iSee4 is available for $149.99.