The Best Leaders Do These Seven Things

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What habits have female leaders embraced to rise to the top?

Business leaders and authors Kathy Hurley and Priscilla Shumway interviewed 24 women in leadership positions from various industries to find the answers.

In their book, Real Women, Real Leaders: Surviving and Succeeding in the Business World, the authors highlight important tips and advice from their interviewees on achieving success.

Below are seven stand-out things the professionals said to do to get ahead, according to Inc. magazine.

1. Never talk badly about someone else

Personalities will always clash in the office. If you can work successfully and professionally alongside someone with challenging qualities, supervisors will likely take notice.

2. Network in unexpected places

You don’t need to wait for a networking event to get to know someone who might be helpful to you later on. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet people in other settings, such as on a plane, in line, or at a conference. The new friendship may lead to future partnerships or job opportunities.

3. Give credit where it’s due

Take the time to recognize achievements in others to show you value the people you are working with, and who are working for you. It’s vital in developing a strong team.

4. Be generous in questionable times

When things go wrong, it is important to stay humble and not blame, panic, or rant to others. Approach issues with kindness and understanding.

5. Develop relationships outside of a job

Building lasting relationship with people throughout the industry is smart, as those same people may become your bosses or coworkers one day. They can also become references.

6. Surround yourself with positive intellectuals

If you hire those who are just as smart as you or smarter, especially with great attitudes to boot, it can lead to limitless achievements.

7. Never stop listening

Reflecting on what you hear is sometimes more powerful than having all the answers. It can make your contributions more insightful and meaningful.

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