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An accounting firm. A construction company. A law office. A paving stone manufacturer. A hardware chain. What do they all have in common? They are among this year’s Best Places to Work in Southwest Florida.

Each workplace has its own personality and its own unique reasons for being a great place to work. But they all show that the Gulf isn’t just a wonderful place to live; it’s also a fantastic place to do business. The way these businesses treat their employees says a great deal about the way they treat their clients and customers. And by the results of this survey, no one seems to have anything but superlatives to say about them.

How is a company selected as a Best Place to Work? To be chosen as among the cream of the crop, Southwest Florida companies apply to the Best Companies Group of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, an independent research firm specializing in identifying and recognizing great places to work. BCG administers the program in which local companies pay an application fee and complete a two-part survey—one for employers that details company policies, practices, benefits and demographics, and another for employees that includes an in-depth set of 77 statements they are asked to respond to on a scale of 1 through 5. This section of the survey also includes two open-ended questions and seven demographic questions.

Who can participate? Any publicly or privately held business, government or nonprofit entity having a facility in Southwest Florida and a minimum of 15 full-time or part-time employees working in the region or reporting to a local regional office. Each enterprise must be in business a minimum of one year.

From the information collected, BCG analyzes the results and creates its list of Best Places to Work in Southwest Florida. Gulfshore Business does not participate in the selection process. The companies chosen are as much a surprise to us as they are to our readers. To find out more about the process, or to apply, please go to 

In the meantime, please join us in honoring the 16 companies that have been selected this year to join the ranks of the Best Places to Work in Southwest Florida. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your own company on the list.

1. HBK CPAs & Consultants

City: Canfield, Ohio


Year founded: 1949 

CEO: Christopher Allegretti

Industry: Accounting

Employees in SWFL: 61

HBK is an award-winning Ohio-based financial services firm with offices in Fort Myers and Naples that specializes in tax, accounting, audit, business advisory, valuation, financial planning, wealth management and support services. Though it’s become one of the nation’s largest independent accounting and professional consulting firms, HBK gained our No. 1 spot by focusing on the human factor in business. 

“Over the years, we have grown our firm with people with knowledge and talent, but just as importantly, who enjoy each other and working—and playing—together,” a company spokesperson says. “These past few years of dealing with, and working through, the pandemic have revealed that firm personality, how we have supported each other and worked together on behalf of our clients, how faithfully and thoroughly we have lived up to our motto, ‘Working Together Sets Us Apart.’”

Besides offering competitive benefits packages, flexible work accommodations, open PTO and extended holidays, as well as a committee that monitors the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, there are all sorts of small touches that make HBK special. 

There are frequent workshops and seminars, paid sabbaticals and a mentorship program to enhance the professional standings of associates, as well as years-of-service awards and a bonus program, internal company bucks for peer-to-peer awards that can be cashed in for firm merchandise, employee appreciation dinners, company-wide holiday celebrations, trivia game nights and other internal contests and time off in addition to holidays and regular paid time off. 

“HBK recognizes that our people perform at their best and are most productive when they enjoy a balance between work life and personal life. We offer flexible work schedules, provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication and encourage camaraderie,” the company spokesperson says. 

“Community engagement is an important part of our culture and a cornerstone of our corporate responsibility efforts. We serve our communities and support charities under the banner of HBK Cares, a corporate initiative,” the spokesperson adds. “Each office commits to programs in their area that meet the needs of the community and compel the people in that office. And we support many and varied charities, including March of Dimes, American Heart Association, Red Cross and the American Cancer Society.”

2. Iron Ridge Insurance Services

City: Fort Myers


Year founded: 2011

CEO: Norman Lutz

Industry: Insurance (Non-Healthcare)

Employees in SWFL: 15

Iron Ridge Insurance Services, a boutique independent property and casualty insurance agency headquartered in Fort Myers, has a unique view of its workforce. It embraces the four-day, 32-hour workweek, with many positions having the option of being done at the employee’s home.

“Every employee is provided the resources, responsibility and authority to contribute to the team. Our philosophy is to learn by doing. To be daring. To be committed. To envision a better way to serve our clients and our team,” according to the company website. 

Or, as a company spokesperson put it: “Friendly and respectful colleagues, organizational dedication to further employee education and professional advancement and a flexible-schedule, four-day workweeks provide a healthy work-life balance without sacrificing career progression.”

Along with its abbreviated workweek and flexible work arrangements, Iron Ridge offers competitive salary and benefits, encourages breaks throughout the day, allows for flexible time off, holds company-sponsored holiday celebrations, provides paid, on-the-clock employee education and generally cultivates an atmosphere of “respect and appreciation,” says the company spokesperson.

“The core of our culture is mutual benefit. Everything we do, every relationship, must be mutually beneficial,” according to the company’s website. “Our work must benefit our customers, our agents, our agency, our vendors and our carrier and broker partners.”

3. DeAngelis Diamond

City: Naples


Year founded: 1996

CEO: David Diamond

Industry: Construction

Employees in SWFL: 106 

Over the past three decades, DeAngelis Diamond Construction has gone from an award-winning local builder with offices in Naples and Fort Myers to a nationally recognized firm that’s licensed in 37 states. Its company motto is “The Honor to Build.” And there’s a lot of pride that comes with that—just ask the folks who work there.

“Our purpose is to have a positive influence in the lives of everyone we meet,” a company spokesperson says. “We have a culture that embraces diversity, innovation, creativity, collaboration, servant leadership, inspiration, expertise and fun. Our DeAngelis Diamond Academy helps team members develop their career and personal goals so they can become top in their field and enrich their lives through continued learning opportunities.” 

Aside from the academy, there are a slew of benefits and perks for employees to enjoy. They include competitive compensation, educational reimbursement for certifications, birthday paid time off, 11 paid holidays, employer-paid health insurance and maternity/paternity/miscarriage time off. Generally, the company encourages a healthy work-life balance and an atmosphere of respect and trust among its workforce. 

There are plenty of additional benefits, as well. The company offers paid Costco and Sam’s Club memberships, a 401k plan with company match and additional profit-sharing match, referral bonus program, two paid volunteer days, adoption assistance, Veterans Day off for veterans who are employees, monthly wellness reimbursement and plenty of PTO. The firm also features food trucks every other Wednesday, Popcorn Mondays, birthday celebrations the first of every month, remote work options for administrative employees, discounted entertainment benefits, a shop to purchase company gear, free snacks and drinks, an annual beach Christmas celebration and a yearly chili cook-off.

The company clearly puts a lot of stock in its employees. “It is truly our people, who are consistently unleashing their peak performance,” the company spokesperson says, “who make us who we are and give us the ability to reach new heights.”

4. AIM Engineering & Surveying Inc.

City: Fort Myers


Year founded: 1980

CEO: Jerron Hull

Industry: Engineering

Employees in SWFL: 73

The management at AIM doesn’t like to leave things to chance. “AIM is intentional about creating an environment in which our employees feel good, work hard, play hard and are absolutely valued,” a company spokesperson says. 

The full-service engineering, planning and surveying company in Fort Myers offers employees lounges with ping-pong, foosball tables and video games and sponsors group walks. In off hours, there are sports teams and trivia groups for employees. The company has regular employee-appreciation luncheons, year-of-service awards and employee spotlight recognition of those workers who go above and beyond the call of duty. And around holidays, there’s always a celebration, giving employees an excuse to dress up for the occasion; at Christmas, family members are invited to the festivities. In autumn, there’s Fall Fest, with a cornhole tournament, a lunch provided by local food trucks and a farmer’s market.

As far as the work week goes, AIM offers a flexible work schedule and has updated its policies to reflect the pandemic so that employees can work from home when needed. “We value our employees and their comfort levels around others,” says the company spokesperson, “so we do not push for them to be in the office.” When they are in the office, the company offers training and resources through a sponsored LinkedIn Learning account, along with productivity, time management and leadership workshops, seminars and classes. There’s also tuition reimbursement for advanced or post-graduate degrees.

Employee voices are important at AIM. For instance, there’s a committee of employees who review insurance options on a yearly basis to find those that are best for the company as a whole. And its HR department is always looking to improve the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

5. Wright Construction Group Inc.

City: Fort Myers


Year founded: 1946

CEO: Fred Edman

Industry: Construction

Employees in SWFL: 53

They keep things simple at Wright Construction Group, a Fort Myers-based, family-owned construction firm that celebrated its 75th anniversary last year. It’s all there in one of the company’s mottos: “Wright from the start.”

“The culture at Wright Construction would be one that’s very warm. Family in its orientation; caring in its orientation. Lots of long-term employees,” CFO Mitch Bueltel says in a video celebrating the company’s diamond jubilee. “It’s not uncommon to have employees who’ve been there well over 20 years because it’s a good place to work. It’s a warm environment. It’s a culture that’s focused on quality and great care for their clients.”

Sure, it offers solid pay and benefits to employees. And like other companies on this list, it has monthly employee recognition awards, holiday parties and the like. But it’s that family feel and spirit of collaboration that really sets it apart and cultivates a company culture of growth, care and quality work. 

President Fred Edman inherited stewardship of the firm from his father Ron. Now Fred and his wife, Kelly, remain the sole owners and have brought their own family into the company. “When we come, we bring an army, and that army can do just about anything,” Fred Edman says in that anniversary video. “They all work together, everything that they do. And they put their giftings together and make it all work. It’s really fun to be a part of.”

6. Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc.

City: Port Charlotte

Website: IntegrityEL.Com

Year founded: 2005

CEO: Robert Hensley

Industry: Employee Services

Employees in SWFL: 46

Integrity Employee Leasing is a full-service professional employer organization headquartered in Port Charlotte and operating throughout the South that handles payroll administration, human resources services, workers’ compensation, risk management, bookkeeping, online payroll processing, insurance products and more. Integrity, however, puts a lot of stock in its people, and the company tries to show it in all sorts of ways.

The company offers flexible workdays, provides a generous bonus the week before Black Friday, contributes a 401K match of 6%, offers annual medical bio screening free of charge as part of its health benefits and provides paid life, paid short-term and long-term disability insurance.

There’s the break room filled with snacks and drinks, and the conference room equipped with an Xbox, games and movies. There are the monthly lunches, regular birthday celebrations and onsite visits by a massage therapist. And there are the Secret Santa celebrations at Christmas along with employee appreciation days for families, years-of-service awards and peer-to-peer employee-of-the-month recognition. According to a company spokesperson, it’s important that the Integrity workforce get to know each other and spend time together in a relaxed environment.

With both its customers and employees, it seems that Integrity aims to live up to its name.

7. Dorcey Law Firm

City: Fort Myers


Year founded: 2007

CEO: Joshua O. Dorcey

Industry: Legal

Employees in SWFL: 27 

While the work may be fast-paced at the Dorcey Law Firm—an award-winning Fort Myers practice that specializes in estate and business planning, asset protection, probate and elder law—the team there still takes the time and care to give the office a relaxed feel. 

The office itself has a down-to-earth, laid-back vibe, which mirrors the relationships the firm forges with its clients. The firm has been honored for its work environment, its legal acumen, its ethical standards and its business sense. “We believe that the most stressful time in the life cycle of a family is when they lose a loved one,” the company’s website says. “If we have the ability to remove a layer of that stress, then we have the ability to transfer your family for another generation.”

The company offers an annual weekend retreat for employees and their families, holiday parties and work anniversary and birthday celebrations, as well as paid sabbaticals. It also provides dental, vision and telehealth coverage; online identity protection; a 401K, with the firm matching a percentage; generous PTO; up to eight flex days to work remotely and bonus opportunities. “Our clients become family and our team, who are vital to our practice, also become family,” the firm’s website asserts. “We believe in giving back to our community and support over 50 local charities.”

8. Sunshine Ace Hardware

City: Bonita Springs


Year founded: 1958

CEO: Jerry Wynn

Industry: Retail

Employees in SWFL: 316

If you are going to work at Sunshine Ace Hardware—a third-generation, family-owned chain of 11 hardware stores headquartered in Bonita Springs—it pays to be passionate about what you do. “We hire for passion because it makes happier, more engaged team members and ultimately loyal customers,” says a company spokesperson. “The philosophy has always been to first take care of the team, who will take care of the customers. They, in turn, will take care of the business. One of the core values is ‘love, laugh, work hard.’ Team members love working at Sunshine for many reasons; the most common being that they are treated as family members.”

That family feel includes company-sponsored weekly visits from food trucks, holiday celebrations and monthly “have fun at work” days in which employees can dress up for such events as sports day, trivia day, themed T-shirt day, smile power day, good neighbor day, relaxation day, scavenger hunts and community event days. Employees are celebrated by annual Core Value Awards, a peer-to-peer recognition program that awards associates who embody each of the company’s 10 core values, and team appreciation week—an entire week dedicated to specific awards and recognizing all employees with daily activities, games, gifts and personalized thanks from all levels of the company. There are also years of service awards, presented to all employees meeting milestones for every five years they have been with the company. Workers can also count on their teams in times of challenge with associate grant assistance programs, loans, PTO donations and other special-care solutions.

“We love the support we provide to one another in the good times and in the bad,” says the company spokesperson. “We count on one another for more than just work—we are family.”

9. CLA


Year founded: 1953

CEO: Jennifer Leary

Industry: Accounting

Employees in SWFL: 67 

CLA, or CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, is an accounting, advisory and consulting firm and the eighth largest company of its kind in the United States. Its local offices are located in both Fort Myers and Naples. “CLA’s purpose is to create opportunities for our clients, people and communities,” according to a company spokesperson. “Our promise is to know you and help you. CLA fulfills this promise by instilling a culture that is built on trust and transparency. CLA encourages curiosity and is committed and dedicated to providing the flexibility, choice and mobility that fuel each individual’s inspired career.”

To help the firm follow that credo, the company offers a Growth Network of the Year Recognition Program, with a $1,000 bonus for each employee, and the Florida Growth Network Challenge, with monthly winners awarded a $100 gift card, as well as a CLA Family Member Service Recognition Program, which celebrates work anniversaries at every five-year increment and personal milestones, such as weddings, birthdays and births. There are monthly social events, various potlucks, volunteering events and a family appreciation month celebration in June. There’s also a fantasy football league, young advisory council and “Biggest Loser”-style weight loss challenge. It offers resources for career growth, as well as military leave opportunities to those with obligations to the armed forces. 

As far as the workday goes, CLA offers flexible hours and opportunities to work at home—with all appropriate equipment provided and all meetings and trainings having virtual and in-person options. And as far diversity, equity and inclusion, Forbes magazine last year recognized the firm overall as being one of the publication’s top 500 Best Employers for Diversity.

10. O-A-K Florida, Inc. | 

Owen-Ames-Kimball Company

City: Fort Myers


Year founded: 1982

CEO: Matthew Zwack

Industry: Construction

Employees in SWFL: 48 

O-A-K Florida Inc. | Owen-Ames-Kimball Company is a Fort Myers-based commercial construction management and general contracting firm that has offices in both Florida and Michigan and has completed projects in 39 states. It’s 100% employee-owned, so naturally there’s a lot of focus on the type of work environment the company engenders. 

“We work hard to give our team members a great work-life balance and provide a family atmosphere at O-A-K,” a company spokesperson says. “From lunches and celebrations with staff to family events to bring our work life and home life together in harmony, we’re a people company providing construction project management to our partners and clients.” 

The company allows pets to accompany their owners to the office to help relieve workday stress, and regularly holds employee lunches and outside work events to build teamwork and morale. There are also office-wide lunches and picnics, years-of-service award ceremonies and annual Christmas parties that also serve to build the feeling that the employees all constitute one big team. 

“We listen to each other. We understand that working separately doesn’t mean working apart,” according to the company website. “Harry Truman put it best, ‘There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.’” 

O-A-K also offers strong benefits, flexible hours and generous parental leave benefits, as well mentoring opportunities, tuition reimbursement for business education workshops and conferences and a profit-sharing program. “The qualities that empower our people to be their best are the same qualities that create great leaders,” the company’s website says. “Ownership means more than financial investment, too. It means we care A LOT. Being employee-owned contributes to our exceptionally low turnover rate and our ability to attract top talent. That translates to a great team dynamic, transparency in communication and accountability for our actions.”

11. First Horizon Corporation

City: Naples


Year founded: 1864

CEO: D. Bryan Jordan

Industry: Banking

Employees in SWFL: 179

 First Horizon Corporation—a Naples-based bank with branches all over Southwest Florida, as well as around the rest of the country—is not shy about wanting to be a great place to work. In fact, it’s one of the bank’s guiding principles. It says so right there on the website, along with the other touchstones of its singular Firstpower corporate culture: build strong relationships, deliver results, give back and exhibit fortitude. 

“First Horizon’s culture has supported the balance between work and home for decades—so much so that when our ‘Firstpower’ culture was created in 1991, ‘family matters’ was one of the three pillars that defined the new way of doing business within the company. Our Firstpower culture is a ‘three-legged stool’ supported by family matters, empowerment and continuous improvement,” according to a company spokesperson. “To ensure associates have the support needed to help them fulfill their job responsibilities as well as their personal and family priorities, quarterly check-ins were introduced to provide a more formalized structure for associates to sit down with their managers to discuss progress, goals or any other needs to help fulfill the balance of work and life.”

First Horizon offers a generous family leave program and a variety of flexible work options. It gives out Firstpower Awards, which recognize employees who go above and beyond the call of duty to assist customers or colleagues, and provides a Diamond Circle recognition program for top sales performers that includes an annual incentive trip. Its service anniversary rewards program honors employees who celebrate milestone service anniversaries (beginning at five years) by giving them points that can be redeemed for a broad range of merchandise. There are spirit days, brown bag lunches and team dinners throughout the year.

The company is dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion—not as a separate initiative, but as a matter of day-to-day operations. It also offers a formal mentoring program and associate resource groups, which provide opportunities for networking, education, community outreach, professional development and training forums around relative topics. “Our associates are our most valuable asset,” the company spokesperson says, “and we strive to provide an environment that best supports them and their families.”

12. PBS Contractors

City: Naples


Year founded: 1986

CEO: Tim Dupre

Industry: Construction

Employees in SWFL: 39

The motto of Naples-based PBS Contractors—which builds custom luxury homes and commercial projects—is “We build better lives for our team, for our clients and for our community.” According to founder Russell Budd, who recently turned over the reins to the company, “Our team comes first for a reason. A happy team equals happy clients, and a happier community.” 

That sentiment is supported by the company’s 28 fundamental principles that are supposed to guide every aspect of the business. They include such tenets as “Do the right thing always,” “Listen generously,” “Assume positive intent” and “Take responsibility for achieving results.”  The 28th rule perhaps has as much to do with the work environment at PBS as any of the others. It’s simply, “Have fun.”

And to make sure no one forgets that rule, every 28 weeks it gets reinforced by the company holding its twice-annual Fun Week, which includes daily activities or meals that promote team spirit and camaraderie. There are brown-bag lunches, chair massages, food trucks, barbecues, after-hours happy hours, ice cream socials—typically five events on five days to encourage team building and having fun at work. Of course, family members are also invited to corporate events. In addition, there are various holiday parties and quarterly meetings that include a fun theme and recognition of employee contributions and milestone anniversaries. 

On a more serious note, the company also supports community projects that are important to individual team members, whether that’s through participating in various activities or direct financial giving. It also offers everything from time-management workshops to financial education seminars along with its generous benefits. In an effort to live up to a commitment to help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance, the company maintains flexible work hours and tries to keep overtime nonexistent.

That commitment to its employees, its belief that a happy team plays an important role in producing happy clients, its establishment of a work ethos that adds meaning and value to its efforts and its feelings of responsibility to the community all make PBS a special place to work.

13. TriCircle Pavers Inc.

City: Fort Myers


Year founded: 2002

CEO: Bill de Deugd

Industry: Manufacturing

Employees in SWFL: 65

When you go to work at TriCircle Pavers, a paving stone manufacturer company with locations in Fort Myers and Bartow, you’re among friends. Employees there say the feeling of friendship, teamwork and empowerment is apparent the moment you come on board at the 20-year-old, family-founded company.

“The family atmosphere is evident within the company and proven by the longevity of TriCrcle’s employees—demonstrated with several employees that have over 20 years of employment with TCP,” says a company spokesperson. “TCP strives to have our employees make independent, problem-solving decisions. TCP is a small company, which permits us to be a tightly knit group that feels it can rely on one another when necessary. We feel as if the company is concerned with us and they are always asking what they can do for us.”

The firm’s managers are active in the business and are in regular contact with the employees, often checking in with them daily. The team there regularly holds potluck lunches in which workers all bring in dishes to share, and employees are recognized for their accomplishments on a monthly and yearly basis. Plus, employees are urged to enjoy their work and the environment—especially on holidays when everyone is encouraged to dress up in costume. “It is fun to work here,” the company spokesperson says.

14. AccuData Integrated Marketing

City: Fort Myers


Year founded: 1992

CEO: Pat Wiley

Industry: Advertising/PR/Marketing

Employees in SWFL: 53

At AccuData Integrated Marketing in Fort Myers—which offers its clients industry-leading data resources, sophisticated modeling and analytics and robust email and digital marketing capabilities—maintaining a healthy work-life balance while providing innovative data solutions is a top priority.

Working extra hours is discouraged, or at least kept to a minimum. And activities meant to bring the staff closer together are the order of the day, ranging from the annual office Olympics, “Health Month” initiatives and quarterly blood drives to biannual toy drives for local hospitals and quarterly charity drives for local non-profits. Not only does the company offer comprehensive medical coverage, it provides workers with daily reminders to take a walk and organizes weight-loss challenge groups. 

There are regular “beer cart” Friday festivities and holiday celebrations such as ugly sweater contests, the AccuScream Halloween party and yuletide decorations made from office supplies. And the management is quick to include families in the mix, offering free and discounted tickets to family-friendly entertainment and events and extending invitations to family members for corporate events. All of this makes for a fairly relaxed office environment.

But it’s not all fun and games at AccuData. The investments that the company regularly makes in its staff also make this company one of the best places to work. There are on-site personal development and/or stress management workshops, seminars and classes. Employees are equipped with the training and tools they need to feel comfortable in their positions, but also are provided with a great deal of autonomy in how they go about their job duties. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has updated its telecommuting policies to be available to more employees and created a defined hybrid program, i.e., working in the office two days per week and three from home. 

Recognition is also an important part of engaging the workforce, so the company sponsors the monthly “Cherry on the Top” award for operations employees who go above and beyond their normal duties, as well as an annual Core Values honor for workers who embody the high ethical standards, strong work ethic and close community involvement the company holds dear.

15. Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Property Southwest Florida

City: Fort Myers


Year founded: 2009

CEO: Gary Tasman

Industry: Real Estate

Employees in SWFL: 28 

Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Property Southwest Florida is one of the most familiar firms in the region’s real estate industry. “Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Property Southwest Florida has been a driving force for economic development, county improvement and sustainable quality of life in Lee County and Southwest Florida,” according to a company spokesperson. 

“The company has been good stewards of Lee County, (and) continually reinvests in our employees and the community to make a positive impact. The company’s strategic approach and clear vision always has, and continues to, support and promote Lee County,” the spokesperson adds. “By giving [our] team great benefits, excellent growth opportunities and a safe and fun working environment, I know that we go above and beyond in delivering outstanding customer service to our clients, vendors and not-for-profits that we touch. People make a business, and [our] team makes our business the best.”

And recognizing the efforts of that team is important at the firm. That’s why it offers the Above and Beyond award, given monthly at a company meeting from one employee to another. The previous month’s winner is responsible for assessing who goes above and beyond, and awards it with input from their supervisor to ensure specific guidelines are met. There are regular employee holiday potlucks or company-sponsored lunches, pizza parties after its bimonthly “Keep Lee Beautiful” trash pick-ups and a monthly happy hour after all company meetings. The company offers mentoring opportunities and leadership training.

And the goodwill goes beyond company get-togethers and training. Depending on the firm’s performance, it also offers summer and year-end bonuses to employees.

16. Scotlynn USA

City: Fort Myers


Year founded: 2010

CEO: Scott Biddle

Industry: Transportation

Employees in SWFL: 207

The three-story, 60,000-square-foot Fort Myers headquarters of transportation and logistics company Scotlynn USA, which also has offices in Tampa and Indianapolis, was designed with its employees and recruitment in mind. 

The complex includes a gym, a basketball court, a walking trail, a cafeteria with indoor and outdoor eating areas and enough workspaces to accommodate more than 400 employees. There’s also an on-site barber, car wash, dry cleaning, food service and snack shop. The building is also the setting for friendly Nerf-gun wars, as well as billiard, ping-pong and foosball battles and basketball or kickball tournaments. There are fun weekly and monthly awards, as well as celebrations for milestones and achievement. “The purpose-built space is a game-changer when it comes to creating a fun, productive and enjoyable place to work,” says a company spokesperson. “We want to build a positive workplace that inspires innovation, and we encourage employees to give back to strengthen the communities where we live and do business by matching volunteer hours with earned time off.” 

Scotlynn’s employees matter a great deal to the company. In fact, 90% of the company’s leadership has been promoted from within its ranks. Management not only wants its workers to feel good about where they work, it mentors them with professional training in order for them to grow in their current jobs and aspire for higher offices. Scotlynn is also serious about diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as outreach to veterans in its recruitment policies. The company has a synergy team that focuses on cultural diversity and improving the work environment for every staffer.

“Scotlynn has a strong vision, mission statement, core values and code of ethics that all Scotlynn USA employees are expected to follow and embody,” says its company spokesperson. “Our values guide our competitive and compassionate company culture. We believe you have to work hard to play hard.”   

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