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When Dr. Kiran Gill left an established plastic surgery office to launch her own boutique practice, she took what she calls “a leap of faith.” That was in 2018, and in four years she hasn’t regretted the decision. “I love being my own boss,” she says. “It’s hard work for anybody to own their own business, but it’s awesome.”

Like many women—especially women entrepreneurs—Gill occupies multiple roles as she moves throughout her day. She’s a surgeon, helping her patients achieve their aesthetic goals. She’s the owner of a busy medical practice, which takes time outside her clinical duties. And at home she’s a wife and mother, which she calls “a full-time job, despite the great help my husband gives me.” 

Still, she’s able to laugh at life’s impossible moments, like when her son asked why his school art project wasn’t spectacular. “Everyone else’s pumpkin was 3-D,” he said. “All we did was paint it.” In times such as these, Gill reaches out to her own mother, also a physician. Her mother just gives her a wry smile. “Now you know how I felt,” she says. Even with superhuman abilities, Gill admits that no one can do everything … but she’s giving it her best shot. “It’s a lot of juggling, but I’m never comfortable sitting still.”

Since launching her boutique surgery practice in 2018, Gill has expanded her office, adding two more surgeons to her roster. She’s changed the name of her business from Aesthetics in Plastic Surgery by Kiran Gill to the Naples Aesthetic Institute Boutique Plastic Surgery and Skin Spa. And last year, she launched her own medical-grade skincare line. 

As a woman who owns a business in aesthetics, Gill brings a special skillset to her practice. Most of her client base is female, and she can relate to their concerns around their changing and evolving bodies. “I’m growing with my patients,” she says, “and there are things I intimately understand”—such as having children and what it does to the female body. “I used to be a Division I athlete. Then I had three kids.” She confides, “I’ve had a tummy tuck. I know what it did for me and how it made me feel.” She shares this knowledge with the women who come to her practice, and her vulnerability and honesty ultimately make her a stronger businesswoman. 

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