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The Finishing Touch

Lead Photo: Lagoon Cocktail Table Finished


Lagoon Cocktail Table Sketch

The look of the restaurant was fishing village meets speakeasy. A unique visual, to say the least, but that’s Jeremy Jones’ specialty. He did the bar top, the custom wallpaper, the faux finishes and the signature art piece. The look set the vibe for 7th Avenue Social (which has since changed hands) in downtown Naples.

Jeremy Jones Fine Finishes is an interior and exterior design business. Its focus is one-of-a-kind custom design done to the specifications of the client—anything from painting a wall-size mural by hand to crafting a modern-looking end table out of resin and steel. “Everything is a little bit different,” Jones says.

CUSTOM CREATIVITY: Jeremy Jones considers his design work as one-of-a-kind, one-off art pieces.

He grew up in Indiana, but his family moved to Florida when he was 12. In his spare time, he’d busy himself drawing designs for skateboards. His childhood hobby evolved into a profession when he went to work for Gator Boards, a Naples wakeboarding company, and subsequently designed the company’s products for five years.

He started Jeremy Jones Fine Finishes about 15 years ago. He primarily works with clients in Naples, often joining forces with designers Judith Liegeois Design and CID Design Group. More recently, he’s been experimenting with custom furniture. Clients will come to him with ideas, but often he’ll create something just out of his own interest. “Most of what I make is something I’d like to see in my own living room,” he says.

For fun, he recently made a table with layers of resin and crystalline material that resembled a floating lagoon. It cost $6,000 just for the resin, but it ended up on display at East-West Fine Art. It sold for $28,000.

The process behind the table was like a lot of his other pieces: An opportunity to let his creativity roam free—and it just so happened he could turn a profit on it. “I like to think of a lot of my work as one-off art pieces,” he says.


Photo Credit: Courtesy Jeremy Jones

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