The Top 10 Most Desired Soft Skills

See what interpersonal skills employers are seeking most.

Ever wonder why you didn’t land a job when your experience completely fit the description? It could be because the employer was more interested in your soft skills, or personal attributes that enable you to work effectively with others.

More and more employers are valuing character traits when assessing job applicants. According to LinkedIn, recruiters say finding prospects with the right soft skills can be more difficult than hard skills, or certain abilities required for a position.  And while interpersonal traits may vary in importance from job to job, LinkedIn uncovered the top 10 most generally sought after soft skills. View them below.

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These skills are most in-demand in industries such as food and beverage, professional training, consumer services, retail, sports, hospitality and human resources, suggests LinkedIn. However, adding these qualities to your résumé or professional online profile can make you stand out amongst other applicants in the future.  

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