The Truth About My Job: Architects

Do architects have huge egos? We get to the bottom of the myth.

It's easy to judge another industry from the outside, with ideas formed by what we see on TV, hear on the news or experience through our friends. But not all stories and stereotypes are true. The best way to debunk myths about an industry? Turning to those who know it best.


Architects have huge egos.

Blame it on the level of schooling and experience architects might need before gaining high regard, or their artistic ability to create both functional and memorable spaces, but architects so often are perceived to have giant egos that the 2016 comedy

The Architect was based on that premise. “Basically, the architect [played in the movie] just used his ego and ignored the
client to create what he thought was a masterful
 piece of architecture,” Matthew Kragh, president of MHK Architecture & Planning, says.


“There’s a little bit of truth to the myth,” Kragh admits. “It does exist, but there’s a small percentage of architects who actually don’t have an ego,” including the people in Kragh’s firm, he adds. How can you avoid getting stuck with an egocentric architect? Find one who’s willing to accommodate your needs while showing you reasonable possibilities. If you start to feel ignored, you might be living the sequel of that movie.