Up in Smoke

Enhanced flavor from an innovative grill.

$799-$1,999 at Traegergrills.com


What makes the perfect barbecue is subjective. But Traeger Grills takes top honors in innovative outdoor grilling, since it invented wood pellet grills.

Now, more than 30 years after debuting its products, Traeger has expanded its approach with WiFIRE® technology and D2 Direct Drive. It’s marketed as allowing grilling aficionados to “cook faster, smarter and with more wood-fired flavor than any previous model.”

The new D2 Direct Drive drivetrain uses an all-new variable speed fan and auger, providing optimal blue smoke production across a much wider temperature range for the finest hardwood flavor. Traeger’s WiFIRE technology gives users the freedom to grill on the go anytime, from anywhere, with a Traeger connection from the grill to a smartphone.