3 Ways to Hold a Better Staff Meeting

Keep employees engaged with these three tips.

How many times have you held a staff meeting that your employees weren’t fully engaged in? Sure, they may have been squirming impatiently in their chairs because they had other deadlines to meet, but it may have also been because the meeting lacked purpose.

Here are three ways to design problem-solving meetings that employees will actually want to be apart of, from Harvard Business Review.

Make it a point to be present

Don’t try to squeeze in a staff meeting before another engagement—you’re less likely to focus and be open to conversation this way. Set an example for staff by giving your undivided attention to the meeting and allowing time for non-rushed questions and responses.

Condense your agenda

Instead of touching briefly on many different areas, narrow your talking points down to a few topics for broader input. If you need to go over certain things with specific team members, consider holding a separate meeting with them. Attention spans will wane the minute you exclude others.

Manage the discussion

Conversational meetings can make employees feel more comfortable in sharing their opinions, but you must still maintain control so participation is fair and structure is not lost. Be ready to eliminate technological distractions (unless they need to be present) and step in when others are being interrupted. Everyone’s voice should be clearly valued.                                  

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