Jay Hartington


In addition to owning MARISSA COLLECTIONS, Jay Hartington owns or co-owns four other companies in the consumer product space. He’s also chairing the Naples Zoo’s $25 million capital campaign and sits on the board of directors.

It’s a full load for one person, but Hartington is particular in his approach to making his business endeavors works.

“I attempt to create a balance of core competences that set the standard for everyday operations and calculated creative projects that help my business stay current and excite our clients,” he says.

It’s all about time management, he adds. “I’m constantly trying to improve and find the perfect balance.”

It helps Harington to keep a notepad handy—something he advises to others as well.

“I think it is important to always bring a notepad to meetings and take notes. You will learn a ton by observing and listening, and it’s great to review what you heard. You might catch things later on that you overlooked that day, and you can hold others accountable to what they said.” He adds: “Also, check your work repeatedly. Basic mistakes are a reflection of your attention to detail and seriousness about your position.”

When he’s not working, Harington enjoys tennis, traveling, cooking, reading and spending time with his daughter, wife and the rest of rest his family.