Max Haney


Max Haney has learned lots of lessons in his professional career, but the biggest challenge he had to overcome happened at 21, when his father died.

“There are so many life unknowns, impossible to prepare for in the wake of losing a parent,” Haney says. “The loss was affecting everything in my mind, including my career. I needed a different approach, even just for my own health and sanity.”

Haney learned how to process his grief and now helps others do the same at Valerie’s House, which helps children and families through the loss of a loved one. He’s even given a TED Talk based on his experiences and was the first person in Fort Myers to do so.

Haney’s newfound clarity has led to other life successes. He received recognition for his high insurance sales and, in 2016, earned the The Ruebin O’D.Askew Award from Florida State University, his alma mater.

“The past two years have had the kind of impact on my growth as a person and professional that would be impossible to put into words,” Haney says. His advice to others? “Find something you are passionate about in the community, and find a way to contribute and advance the mission, there is no greater reward in life.”

Max returned to Fort Myers to begin his career in the insurance industry. He’s the proud owner of Mister, his 7-year-old chocolate Lab. He an avid golfer and boater, as well as a cheap wine connoisseur.