Chief operating officer at AXI International

Jeff Poirier is a firm believer in education, whether or not it’s through established channels. “Education should continue throughout your career,” Poirier says. “Your education is the hidden giant on whose shoulders you stand.” Poirier, who holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of Maine and an MBA from Davenport University, admits to changing directions many times in his life, but continuing his education even outside of college has helped him better understand himself and get to where he is today.

He’s since paid it forward by speaking to Dunbar High School students about furthering their education and careers and helped youth in other ways, too. Poirier has sponsored high school sports teams through AXI International, and hosted a mentoring day at AXI for AMI Kids. He’s also sponsored Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida through the business.

Poirier specializes in a number of engineering topics, from new green technology to fuel management solutions, leading his team at AXI to many significant advancements in the fuel industry. He fosters a cross-functional team environment to increase employee’s capabilities and opportunity to always learn something.

Poirier is newly married and enjoys computer programming, traveling, SCUBA diving, fishing, snowboarding, playing golf and boating with friends and family.