Ryan C. Reid


Founder and CEO, TerraSmart

Ryan Reid founded TerraSmart after running the marketing and sales department of another local solar and pool company and learning about the government’s 2009 investment in renewables. He saw holes in the solar industry and envisioned building a company that aligned with what was being funneled from the government down. Like many entrepreneurs, the first few years were rough, but the end of 2012 became a turning point for the business, and the company grew from grossing sales of $40,000 per year to more than $70 million in 2016.

With TerraSmart, Reid created the first utility-scale project on U.S. tribal lands with Moapa Southern Paiute Solar and earned the Solar Builder’s 2016 Project of the Year award as a result. He has led company efforts to volunteer and donate to Susan G. Komen, Habitat for Humanity, and Pitching in for Kids Inc. Reid has also presented to Hodges University business and marketing classes.

Reid has three children with his wife, Courtney. He’s an active golfer at The Club at Renaissance and enjoys being outdoors with his family and two dogs.