Lisa Murray


Lisa Murray, APR, CPRC, is a nationally accredited and award-winning public relations professional. She serves as senior manager of corporate communications at Interop Technologies.

“I work to use technology to broaden business relationships, drive brand awareness, surpass strategic goals and achieve maximum profitability,” she says. “In my current position with Interop Technologies, I lead the development and implementation of PR and marketing strategies in the United States, Europe and South America.”

Murray is also an active member of her community through leadership in organizations like
the Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA. She has also volunteered and supported local charities, including United Way, Community Cooperative, Children’s Advocacy Center and the Early Learning Coalition.

What are your future aspirations?

In the last year alone, we’ve seen a momentous shift in how we work, communicate and use technology. This is my passion and I know, in order to make a difference in these areas, I will need to continually evolve my skill set to meet the changing market. Most importantly, I want to stay ambitious, to keep growing and to lift others up by leading with authenticity, compassion and courage.