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What's In Your Bag?

JON AND CATHERINE FAY own Naples Air Inc., an air charter company. In addition, Jon is one of the company’s four pilots and Catherine manages the operation and its eight staff members.

1. Swiss army card (around $20, Amazon): Jon says his Swiss army card, not much bigger than the size of a credit card, is equipped with everything he needs to service any of the company’s three airplanes in a pinch. “It has a light, magnifying glass, measuring tape and small knife,” he says.

2. Flashlights (varying, hardware stores): Jon admits to being teased a time or two for how many flashlights he tends to carry. He brings an average of six flashlights on each plane to use in case the lights go out or when he needs to check fluid levels and engine controls. “I like the small ones with the LED lights—they’re brighter and usually small but have power that lasts a long time,” Jon says.

3. iPad, iPad mini ($599, $269, apple.com): Jon keeps two iPads handy when he’s gearing up to fly. With them, he can access weather forecasts, flight plans, maps, and landing charts.

4. Flight Plan (free general access, fltplan.com): “The most important tool that we all use is an app called Flight Plan,” says Catherine. On it, she can book trips, assign pilots to planes, review maintenance schedules, and file passenger paperwork for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. “It’s a great organizer,” she says.

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