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At a Feb. 27 Charlotte County Commissioners Land Use meeting, commissioners approved final site plans for two Lennar Homes residential subdivisions that will bring 833 single-family homes to eastern Charlotte County in the Babcock Ranch Community Development area.

Project coordinator Jenny Shao, a county zoning technician, gave the commissioners presentations on the subdivisions and a storage facility. Commissioners unanimously approved the projects by a 4-0 vote.

Commissioner Bill Truex was not present at the meeting and did not cast a vote.

The largest subdivision, Tucker’s Cove, consists of 659 single-family lots and 44 tracts on 723.41 acres. It is located south of Bermont Road, north of Babcock Trail and east of State Road 31.

The second Lennar Homes subdivision, Webb’s Reserve, consists of 174 single-family lots and 57 tracts on 646.51 acres. Webb’s Reserve tracts will be used for lakes, preserve areas, roads, common areas and a future amenity site and golf course.

The Webb’s Reserve site is located south of Bermont Road, north of Babcock Trail, west of the county line with Glades County and east of State Road 31.

Commissioners also approved a final site plan for a 600-square-foot office and vehicular storage unit with canopies in Port Charlotte, to be called Old Landfill Road Outdoor Storage. The project site is on 20.97 acres and is located at 25505 Old Landfill Road in Port Charlotte’s Section 19.

The storage facility site is located near Waste Management at 25515 Old Landfill Road.

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