Cools Apps

Apps to protect against cyber threats and make hiring more efficient.

Cool App: Carbonite

Ransomware is a growing threat to businesses everywhere. The malicious software can wreak havoc on computer systems, freezing up networks and files until employers pay ransom. While businesses may not be able to keep from being targeted, Carbonite can help protect threatened information. The cloud-backup system stores data automatically to an offsite location so nothing is ever truly lost. The technology uses advanced encryption and provides more security than cloud storage, which just saves shared files. Carbonite also helps in the event of a hardware-system crash or accidental deletion. Starts at $269.99 per year.

Cool App: Proven

The hiring process can 
be a daunting one, but Proven reduces time 
spent posting jobs and searching applicants so you can focus more on your top prospects. Designed for small businesses, the app lets you post an open position to more than 100 sites at once, and screens and organizes candidates into “yes,” “no” and “maybe” piles. You can also schedule interviews and message responders directly. $40-$60 per job. Free trial.