One-of-a-Kind Wonders

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NATURAL BEAUTY: Greg Kutz blends his experience of nearly 30 years with his modern sensibility of making furniture and custom interior decor.

Each project is something new at Naples Custom Furniture. One month it could be a solid oak vanity for a bathroom; the next it could be a 16-foot walnut table for a boardroom.

“We’re looking to challenge ourselves and always push ourselves,” says owner Greg Kutz.

Naples Custom Furniture is based out of a 3,200-square-foot workshop off Enterprise Avenue in Naples. The walls are lined with large slabs of wood—some common such as cherry and maple, others rare mahogany imported from Honduras and other more exotic types. The buzz and whine of saws cutting into wood and metal fill the air.

A St. Louis native, Kutz grew up in a family who remodeled houses. He started as a carpenter in his hometown before moving to Naples in 2008 and creating Naples Custom Furniture three years ago, working primarily with regional clients.

Kutz and his team design everything from scratch based on the needs of a client. Each project takes anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks to finish. Sometimes an architect will come with a specific design; other times, a client comes just with an idea and Kutz will help bring it to fruition.

Costs can range from $1,200 for an end table to $20,000 for a conference room table.

Kutz has three employees, and he’s not necessarily looking to scale up. “We’re not about mass production,” he says. “We’d rather do something special for our clients.”


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