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Punta Gorda Planning Commission approved the city’s updated Local Register of Historic Places after mailers were sent to owners whose properties were deemed historic. The commission’s recommendation will be sent to City Council to be voted on in April. 

The register was compiled by the Historic Preservation Advisory Board, or HPAB. 

HPAB review began in April 2017 and ended in February 2018. It reviewed 370 structures on the Florida Master Site File and all National Register listings, including 125 in the district and seven individual structures. The latter’s number was reduced by one, as A.C. Freeman House was listed twice. 

The Local Register of Historic Places totals 235 listings, including all National Register listings to date, including the six individually listed structures and 95 district contributing structures. 

Although all property owners whose structures were deemed historic received notification from the city, some may not be aware of their structure’s status. 

City Planner Brittany Metzler told the Commission on March 25 that many letters were returned undelivered. 

Commission members Patrice Petrik and Lisa Kellythorne were unaware their homes were on the register until receiving letters. 

After Metzler’s revelation, commission members deliberated whether to resend or track down owners of the properties who had not received the notices. After lengthy discussion, they decided it would be too time-consuming and require too many staff member hours to attempt to contact all those whose letters were returned. 

Zoning Official Jessica Leatherman advised anyone with property in the Historic District or those with a home at least 50 years old can view listings of Punta Gorda homes on the local and national historic registers. 

After City Council adopted its New Land Development Regulations, it sought to update historic preservation provisions. The enhanced historic provisions apply only to structures listed on a Local Register of Historic Places and all properties within the designated National Register District. 

Omitted from the register and added by the Planning Commission’s unanimous approval is the city’s Old Historic Courthouse on Taylor Street. 

To see whether your property is on the register, click here. 

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