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We spend so much time outdoors in Southwest Florida that we tend to take it for granted. But the outdoors is a crucial part of the economy of the state.

New data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis puts Florida as one of the states that gets the most out of its outdoor recreation. Outdoor activities, defined broadly as anything from boating to amusement parks, bring in about $49 billion a year, making up about 4.4% of the state’s GDP. That’s the fourth highest percentage nationwide, behind Hawaii (5.8%), Vermont (5.2%) and Montana (4.7%).

In particular, Florida’s boating and fishing ($3.3 billion) and theme parks ($5.9 billion) contributed the most to the economy.

Total value added to state economy

Amusement/water parks: $5.9 billion

Boating/fishing: $3.3 billion

Golf/tennis/other games: $2 billion

Festivals/concerts/sports: $1.3 billion

RVing: $1.15 billion

Hunting/shooting: $48 million

Motorcycling/ATV: $44 million

Equestrian: $42 milion

Climbing/hiking/camping: $17 million

Bicycling: $14 million

Recreational flying: $5 million

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