4 Reasons Why Reverse Mentorship is Important

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We recently wrote about how young professionals can make the most of mentorship with seasoned executives, but Entrepreneur says industry veterans can also learn a thing or two from rising leaders.

Below are four reasons why you should consider letting a younger mentor into your life, according to Entrepreneur.

It Allows for Fresh Ideas

Seeking serious advice from a millennial on a major task or project can result in fresh, untraditional perspective. It can also make this person feel more empowered and engaged, which is a big bonus if he or she happens to be your employee.

It's Worth the Risk

Rising professionals may be full of ideas, but they may also need guidance in order to efficiently execute them. Instead of dismissing a young worker’s unorthodox business plan, find out how he or she would actually bring it to life. You may be able to apply his or her creative problem-solving techniques to your own future projects.

It Creates a Trusting Relationship

It’s important to remember that leading is not always delegating and you can always learn something from another person as long as you’re listening. While your shared knowledge and experience may go far to help a blossoming entrepreneur, giving him or her the chance to speak up without judgment can lead to deepened trust on both parts and help you become a more open leader.

It Can Bridge the Technology Gap

Technology has and will continue to affect most every industry, and as overwhelming as it may be to those who did business for decades without it, it is not likely to go away anytime soon. Letting someone who grew up in the tech era teach you about new software can make the transition not so scary and help you stay on the cutting edge of your own industry.

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